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Sometimes its good to be viral

A once-in-a-life opportunity to leverage your marketing abilities and make some money selling Minimax without evening leaving your home.

Introducing the MiniMax Stool

The MiniMax is the ultimate folding stool, folding from full height into an ultra-slim 7 cm-thick disc.

MiniMax is adjustable to any desired height, from low to high and anything in between, to fit any location or purpose. The stool's telescopic body, made from high-quality polypropylene - a material known for its strength and durability over time, is fashion of dozens of segments that join to form a strong, flexible base. This wonderful stool can carry up to 120kg but weighs only 1.1kg.

MiniMax is successfully sold worldwide including through QVC USA. The world's largest shopping channel!

Find out more details about Minimax in our site:


How can you make money with MiniMax?

The MiniMax company is introducing a special program that will allow you to spread the word about MiniMax and make money. How? Very simple. Enroll in MiniMax’s affiliate program and receive 17%, which is  $7, for every sale you generate.

But that’s not all! Do you have friends who are sales masters? Enlist them to the program and not only will they make $7 for every sale they make; you too will receive $4 for every sale your friends generate

So how much money can I earn?


Confused? Let’s check out an example. Let’s assume you sold 20 stools this month and added two new friends to the program who sold 8 stools each. This is what your rewards table will look like:


This means that for a sale of just 20 stools and adding two of your friends to the program you can reach a total reward  of  $204!  The  reward  is  transferred  to  the  affiliate  once  per  month  after  more  than  $30 have  been  accumulated  in  his  account  (exclusive  of  returns).  If  less  than  $30  have  accumulated,  the  sum  will  be  transferred to next month’s reward. Money transfer will be done through PayPal, Google Wallet, or directly to the affiliate’s bank account.

Do you feel you are surrounded by friends and want to translate it into money?

After signing up for an affiliate program, you copy the link you receive from the system and share it with your friends

How do I register?

Visit MiniMax’s affiliate website and follow the instructions there. Click bellow:



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